Our privacy policy was updated on June 02, 2020.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our privacy policy and contact us if you have any questions.

The introduction

eDraw App is an App provided by Shenzhen VSON Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "VSON Technology" or "we").

We take the protection of user information very seriously. Please read, understand and agree to this Privacy Policy before using all products and services of VSON technology.

This Privacy Policy has been developed with your needs in mind, and it is essential that you have full knowledge of our personal information collection and use practices, while ensuring that you ultimately have control over the personal information provided to us. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use, disclose, process and store the information you provide to us when you use our eDraw App. "Personal Information" under this Privacy Policy means data that identifies a particular individual through the information itself or by associating it with other information. We will use this information strictly in accordance with this privacy policy.

Our privacy policy mainly includes the following aspects:

1. What information do we collect

2. How do we collect and use information

3. Information sharing, security and protection of minors' information

4. Scope of application and amendment of privacy Policy

一、What information do we collect?

(一) You must authorize us to collect and use your personal information

Personal Information is collected for the purpose of providing you with products and/or services and to ensure that we comply with applicable laws, regulations and other regulatory documents. You have the right to choose whether or not to provide this information, but in most cases, if you do not, we may not be able to provide you with the appropriate services or respond to the questions you encounter. These features include:

(1) Intelligent device connection

We may collect your Wi-Fi information, location information, login account information, mobile phone information, smart device information, and information associated with your account and smart Device in order to provide you with services that enable you to securely connect and manage your smart Device. This information will be used to give you the ability to connect smart devices, discover nearby devices, and manage devices. The above information is listed as follows:

1. Login account information: login account, nickname and avatar information.(if needed)

2. Mobile phone information: hardware device identification (IMEI/OAID, Mac address, Android ID), mobile phone model, system version information, system language, country or region set by the mobile phone, version number of app store, screen size and resolution of the mobile phone, CPU and display device related information.

3. Information collected during connecting smart devices: Based on the type of smart devices you need to link to, we may collect the following information:

3.1 Smart devices connected via Bluetooth: Bluetooth Mac address and DEVICE ID.

4. Your phone's camera/photo album

4.1 Take photos or videos by phone camera (video mode includes camera and microphone functions)

4.2 Obtain or save photos and videos through mobile album

5. Location information

When accessing some location-based services, such as an Android phone performing bluetooth search , it USES and processes the fuzzy or precise location of your device, which is obtained through GPS, WLAN, and the network ID of the service provider.

(2) Application and intelligent hardware upgrade:

In order to enable you to continue to enjoy the latest eDraw services, we may use the version information of your eDraw App and the phone model to provide you with eDraw App upgrade services. At the same time, we may collect a list of connected smart devices and version number information to provide you with smart device upgrade capabilities to ensure that you can use the latest version of the service (including the firmware version).

(二) You may choose whether to authorize us to collect and use your personal information

In order to enable you to better enjoy the control and management of smart devices provided by eDraw, we may collect and use your personal information in the following additional functions. If you do not provide this personal information, you can still use the basic services of eDraw Intelligence, but you may not be able to use the additional functions that can bring you convenience. These additional features include:

(1) User feedback:

We may collect feedback questions you send us, feedback logs, and phone Numbers or email addresses you fill in to help us better understand the issues you encounter and contact you.

(三) You are fully aware that we do not need your consent to collect and use personal information under any of the following circumstances:

1. Those related to national security and national defense security;

2. Those related to public safety, public health and major public interests;

3. Those related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;

4. For the purpose of safeguarding the major legitimate rights and interests such as the life and property of the subject of personal information or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain the consent of the subject;

5. The personal information collected is disclosed to the public by the subject of personal information;

6. Your personal information is collected from legally disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;

7. Necessary to sign the contract according to your requirements;

8. Necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the product and/or service provided, such as the detection and disposal of faults of the product and/or service;

9. Necessary for lawful press coverage;

10. When it is necessary for an academic research institution to carry out statistics or academic research in the public interest and provide the results of academic research or description to the outside world, the personal information contained in the results shall be de-labeled;

二、How do we collect and use information?

(一) Collection and use of personal information

When you interact with VSON Tech Technology, you may be asked to provide certain personal information necessary for your consent to use our basic product services. This personal information may be combined with other information to improve our products or services, etc.

Here are some examples of the types of personal information that VSON Technology might collect and how to use it.

1. Collection of personal information

When you create a good account of science and technology, download and update day good science and technology development of the software, register, on the day good technology platform attends the other day with good pleasure online survey or the interaction between science and technology, we may ask you to provide personal information, including but not limited to your name, phone number, E-mail address, mailing address, etc.

When you purchase VSON Technology products and services, we will collect personal information, including but not limited to: delivery details, bank accounts, credit card details, billing addresses and other financial information, contact and communication records.

When you first use A Mobile device, your mobile user identification information, unique mobile device identification code and approximate geographic location information of your device will be sent to Celestica. The collection of the above information may also apply if you update your system or software, restore factory Settings, etc.

2. Use of personal information

VSON Technology will use your personal information strictly in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the contents set forth in its updates. Your personal Information will only be used for the purposes for which it was identified and agreed upon at the time of collection. If there is any other purpose other than this, we will obtain your consent in advance.

The personal information collected by us will be used to provide you with Our products and services, process your orders or fulfill your contracts with Us to ensure the functionality and security of our products and services, verify your identity, and prevent and prosecute fraud or other misuse.

The personal information we collect will be used to communicate with you, for example, by notiating you of updates and releases of VSON Technology products or services as soon as possible.

Your mobile user identification information, mobile device unique identification number, and geo-location information can be used to activate your warranty services and specific software licenses and may invite you to participate in surveys. We will also use this information to improve our products and analyze the efficiency of our business operations. However, we do not use this information to track your location.

(二) Collection and use of non-personal information

In order to operate and improve VSON's technology and services, VSON will automatically collect and use your non-personal information so that VSON can provide you with better user experience and improve VSON's service quality. Here are some examples of the non-personal information we might collect and how to use it.

1. Collection of non-personal information

We collect information such as your occupation, language, zip code, area code and time zone in which you use Our products when you create an Account with Us, download our software and its updates, register on our platform, take an online survey or participate in other interactions with us.

We may also collect other information that is not identifiable to a particular person (that is, information that is not personal information), such as statistical data generated when you use a particular service, such as user action behavior (including clicks, page jumps, browsing times). This information is collected to improve the services we provide to you. The type and amount of information collected depends on how you use our products and/or services. We aggregate such information to help us provide more useful information to our customers about which parts of our website, products and services they are most interested in. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, aggregated data is considered non-personal information. If we use non-personal information in combination with personal information, such information will be treated as personal information for the duration of such combination.

2. Use of non-personal information

The non-personal information we collect, such as occupation, language, zip code and area code, can help us better understand user behavior and improve our products, services and advertising campaigns.

We can continuously improve the operational experience, performance, fix problems, and improve the functional design of products and services by analyzing the obtained statistical data.

The information we collect through the use of Cookies and other technologies (such as pixel tags) brings you a better user experience and improves our overall quality of service. For example, by saving your language preferences, we can display our services in your preferred language. We can send the user an email in a readable format using a pixel label and tell us if the email is open. We may use this information to reduce the number of emails sent to users or not sent to users.

三、Your rights

(一) Control Settings

We recognize that privacy concerns vary from person to person. Therefore, we have provided examples of the various ways in which eDraw offers you the option to limit the collection, use, disclosure or processing of your personal information and to control your privacy Settings: turn on or off location access, camera, recording, Bluetooth, and read-write cell phone storage privileges;

1. Log in or log out of eDraw account.(if needed)

If you have previously given us permission to use your personal information for the above purposes, you may change your decision at any time by contacting us in writing or by visiting http://www.vson.com.cn.

四、How do we use cookies and similar technologies?

1. eDraw intelligent and the third party service suppliers use technologies such as cookies, tags and scripts to analyze trends, manage websites, track users' website activities, and collect statistical information about the entire user community. We will receive individual or aggregate analysis reports collected through the above technologies. These technologies help us better understand your behavior, enable us to understand on which parts of our website users browse, measure and improve the effectiveness of advertising and web search. We treat information collected through cookies and other technologies as non personal information. However, if local law treats Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or similar identification marks as personal information, we also treat them as personal information.

2. Log file: like most websites, we collect specific information and keep it in the log file. Such information may include Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet service provider (ISP), reference / exit page, operating system, date / time stamp, and / or click stream data. We do not associate automatically collected log data with other information we collect.

3. Advertising: we cooperate with the third party service suppliers to display advertisements on our website or manage our advertisements on other websites. Our third-party service providers may use technologies such as cookies to collect information about your activities on their website or other websites, and provide you with advertisements based on your browsing activities and interests. We will obtain your prior explicit consent before providing advertising services to you.

4. Mobile analysis: in some mobile applications, we use mobile analysis software to better understand the functions of our APP in your mobile phone. This software may record the following information, such as the using frequency of the application, the events occurred within the application, cumulative usage, performance data and the location of the application crash. We will not associate the information stored in the analytics software with any personal information you submit in the mobile APP.

5. Local storage - HTML5 / Flash: we use local storage objects (lsos), such as HTML5 or flash, to store content and preferences. According to your web browsing behavior, the third party that cooperates with us to provide certain functions or advertise on the website will also collect and store relevant information through HTML5 or Flash cookie. Various browsers provide their own management tools to delete HTML5 local storage objects.

五、Access and Update of Information

You can update your personal information or ask us to delete your personal account, unless we have to keep it for legal reasons. When updating your personal information, we may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request

We may reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require excessive technical input, pose a risk to the privacy of others, or are highly impractical.

As long as your access and information modification will not take too much investment of us, we will provide it free of charge. We strive to improve the maintenance of services to protect information from accidental or malicious damage. Therefore, when you delete information from our services, we may not immediately delete the remaining copies of the information from the servers in use, or we may not delete the corresponding information from the backup system.

六、Information Sharing

Unless other specified regulations in this privacy policy, we will keep your personal information confidential and will not share it with any third party. You hereby authorize us to share your personal information with a third party without your consent in the following situations:

1. We may share your personal information with a designated third party when required by law, legal proceedings, litigation or public and government authorities.

2. We may provide personal information to our affiliated companies or other reliable enterprises or individuals so that they can process personal information on our behalf. We request that the above parties agree to process such personal information in accordance with our regulations, this Privacy Policy and any other applicable confidentiality and security measures.

3. If we have a business transaction such as reorganization, merger or sale, we may disclose your personal information to the trading party for the purpose of the business transaction.

4. We may reasonably share the summarized non personal information with the public and partners based on the needs of operating or protecting users, such as to show the overall use trend of our products or services.

七、Information Security

We strive to protect the users of VSON Technology, in order to avoid unauthorized access, tampering, disclosure or destruction of the information we keep. To this end, we have taken the following measures in particular:

1. We use a variety of technical means to encrypt many services.

2. We will review practices in information collection, storage and processing (including physical security measures) to avoid unauthorized access to various systems.

3. We only allow VSON Technology's employees who need to know such information to help us process personal information, and those authorized service suppliers' personnel to access personal information, and they are required to perform strict contractual confidentiality obligations. If they fail to perform these obligations, they may be prosecuted for legal liability or their relationship with VSON Technology may be terminated.

Your information security is very important to us. Therefore, we will continue to strive to ensure the security of your personal information, and implement secure encryption for the whole process of storage and transmission, so as to prevent your information from being accessed, used or disclosed without authorization. At the same time, other people have no access to the specific content of some encrypted data except the user himself.

八、Information Protection of Minors

 VSON Technology attaches great importance to the protection of minors' information. We recommend that minors encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and that minors seek the consent and guidance of their parents or guardians before submitting personal information.

九、Scope of Privacy Policy

 Our privacy policy does not apply to third party products and / or services. Products and services of VSON Technology may contain third-party products and services. When you use third-party products or receive third-party services, they may obtain your information. Therefore, we hereby remind you to read the privacy policy of the third party.

十、Revision of Privacy Policy

 VSON Technology reserves the right to update or modify this policy from time to time. VSON Technology will send you change notice through different channels, including publishing website announcement on the official website, or issuing separate notice (such as electronic notice) to remind you of any change of privacy policy.

十一、Developer and Contact Information

Company: Shenzhen VSON Technology Co.,Ltd.

Web: www.vson.com.cn

After-sale service: (86)0755-23728863

Email: support@vson.com.cn